I am a designer in a developer’s body, or vice versa. Basically, I just love to build stuff! And my brain has the rare ability to work equally well on both sides, which helps me to appreciate both form and function. That ability also provides me with the rare capacity to bridge the communication gap between the technical and non-technical among us, and as my career progresses I hope that skill will aid me in providing leadership that demonstrates a passion for creativity that is both motivating and contagious.

I am ready to help you build whatever you can dream up!

Front-end Development

Front-end Development

  • HTML5 • CSS3 • Responsive Design
  • JavaScript
  • Node • NPM
  • Grunt
  • jQuery • Custom jQuery Plugins
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Adobe Creative Suite
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

  • iPhone • iPad • iOS
  • Xcode IDE
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C
  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • Apple WWDC 2015
Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

  • ColdFusion • Framework One
  • MS SQL Server • MYSQL • SQLite
  • Google Analytics • AdWords
  • Web Services (REST)
  • OOP • MVC
  • Mura CMS • Wordpress
“Matt is an extremely gifted developer who has a unique blend of skills. He possesses that rare (for a developer) combination of strong technological savvy and a great eye for design.”
- W. Mathurin, Mobile Development Lead, The Nucleus Group
“He values people, shows great understanding of pain points in processes and has a high degree of technical expertise and a passion for excellence.”
- Cheyenne Throckmorton, Manager of Applications Development, The Nucleus Group
“In addition to exceptional skills in his chosen discipline, Matt brought to the department his gift for making everyone around him a better worker, regardless of the position they held...The genuineness with which he executed his obligations and his desire to excel are uniquely contagious and resulted in making the entire team more effective and efficient.”
- Nancy Campiglia, Attorney at Your Towne Law, P.A.